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Downshall Primary School Vision Statement

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Downshall is a nurturing school. Through our core and wider curriculum we teach our pupils the life skills that enable them to thrive in a future that is unknown and constantly changing. We foster the development of the whole child through a broad curriculum that includes academic rigour, independent thinking and critical analysis. It will also build resilience and wellbeing and develop social and communal awareness.

We will provide:


  • Rigorous approaches to ensuring all our pupils achieve their potential in the core curriculum by the end of each phase. This will ensure they are prepared for the next stage of their education;
  • The full range of national curriculum subjects that consolidate and enrich our core curriculum;
  • Pupils with a range of learning and cultural experiences that will broaden their horizons and inspire them to aim high;
  • Pupils with the opportunities to become reflective thinkers and appraise a range of information critically.


  • Pupils with a safe and secure environment where they can develop emotional strength and resilience;
  • A curriculum that develops morally and socially developed pupils which are reflected in high standards of: behaviour, pride, respect and self-motivation;
  • A nurturing staff team and learning environment where wellbeing permeates the school curriculum, ethos and culture;
  • Role models who teach and foster positive character strengths that develop confident and independent individuals who leave school ready to participate, thrive and lead the next generation;
  • A curriculum that enables them to make healthy life choices.

[Social and Communal:]

  • A curriculum and environment that ensures pupils are respectful and treat everyone equally in school and the wider community. 
  • Opportunities for pupils to take responsibility for the wider school environment and the world in which they live.
  • A curriculum that teaches and promotes British values including: the rule of law, tolerance, democracy, equality and mutual respect.

Downshall Primary School's Values



  • We value and respect every individual
  • We listen to one another
  • We look for ways to support one another


  • We aim to be the best we can in all we do
  • We keep our standards high
  • We celebrate achievement


  • We care for our environment


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