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Subject Leader: Mrs Page-Bailey

PE Instructors: Mr Walker and Mr Balamurugan


Downshall follow the national curriculum and adapt the planning and implementation to achieve the needs of the relevant cohort each year.

Using the four cornerstones pedagogy, first quality teaching ensures that the key skills and knowledge are taught memorably to enable learning to be transferred to long term memory.

Subject Drivers

At Downshall, we strive to instil in our children that being active and keeping fit is an important part of wellbeing while also increasing their understanding of what it means to be a successful sportsperson.

Furthermore, the core subject aspects are taught specifically and are revisited regularly so that the children understand the essence of the subject. In PE, the core aspects include fairness, teamwork and competition.

National Curriculum

Please use this link to access the National Curriculum programs of study.


Please use this link to access the Downshall PE Kit

Our Curriculum Subject Vision

Please use this link to access our most up to date Curriculum Subject Vision document.

Please follow this link to access our most up to date Skills and Knowledge progression grid.

Topics Covered EYFS Topics Covered KS1 Topics Covered LKS2 Topics Covered UKS2
  • Introduction to PE
  • Fundamentals

Fundamental Movement skills are taught through:

  • Dance
  • Gymnastics/ Fitness
  • Games
  • Striking and Fielding
  • Athletics
  • Fundamentals
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Invasion games (basketball)
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Invasion games (basketball)
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Athletics/Sailing


Quotes from Pupil Ambassadors

“I like PE because Mr Walker has taught me how to choreograph a dance. Next, I really want to learn how to play basketball because it looks really fun!” - Ayesha 4K

“​I enjoy PE because it's great exercise and we learn about fitness and how it can improve our mental health too. I especially love to learn football skills in PE.” - Noah 5S

“The reason I enjoy PE because is because we are able to take part in lots of different sports such as tennis, volleyball and fitness. I would like to learn how to control my speed more in fitness and learn another net and wall sport like badminton.” - Jaanya 6PB

“PE is an active, enjoyable and fun subject that teaches me something new every week. We have learnt dance, volleyball and tennis and I’ve gained new skills, techniques and attitudes to help me be a better player.” - Umar 6M

Subject Displays


Every child matters in PE which is why we take our SEN pupils to a panathlon event which develops their motor skills and social development with competitive activities including throwing, kicking and catching. The school also has numerous sports teams; including girls & boys football and tag rugby that compete at local tournaments against other schools and gives the children a positive experience of participating in sport at a more competitive level amongst their peers across the Redbridge Borough. Additionally, a number of children were able to attend a professional basketball match at the Copper Box Arena.

Examples of Learning

examples of learning


At Downshall, we provide a range of after school clubs that include multisport, dance and art & craft to allow children to have access to a varied range of activities that they can practice and improve (which are supported by the GetSet4PE scheme).

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